David Gemmell interviews

David Gemmell gave a number of interviews during his life. Unfortunately, churn in the publishing industry and fan websites means that many are being lost.

This page aims to host or link to those still remaining, in order to ensure they are preserved as a record for David Gemmell fans.

Hosted Interviews

These are interviews hosted on this website. Many of these copied directly from F Parker’s Tripod page, which although currently online, may not be for much longer, and hasn’t been updated since the year 2000. Hence those interviews have been rescued for archive here:

Games Master Magazine (1990)
DRIN interview 1995
Riding out on a steady horse – Interviewed by Stan Nichols (1995)
SFX interview (1996)
DRIN interview (1997)
Passion And Heart – Interviewed by Ann Grey (1998)
Nobody Gets Out of This Alive – Interviewed by Stan Nichols (1998)
The Legend & On – the Flash – Orbit (1998)
Motivation – Interviewed by Stan Nichols (1999)
Amazon (2000)
Interview: April 2002
Interview: Oct 2002
Interview: March 2003
Interview: Jan 2004
Interview: August 2004
Interview: March 2005
Interview: Aug 2005
Questions & Answers – Q’s & A’s put to David by Fans
20 more questions

Other David Gemmell interviews

The Guardian interview, May 2003
SFrevu, interviewed by Steven Saville (2005)
SFcrowsnest (Nov 2005)
SFsite (2005)
Legend Readers forum – March 2006
SFFchronicles (July 2006) – David Gemmell’s last interview before he died

Also, cf, Stella Gemmell interview (April 2007)

Also: David Gemmell obituary by Stan Nichols